Digital Natives

Mark Prensky defines the term Digital Native as beeing a Native Speaker of the language of the internet.

Are we Digital Natives?

Are our pupils Digital Natives?

How do we like to integrate or use technology in the classroom?


I would not consider myself a Digital Native, I only started to work with computers in my Teens. I had a few courses in school but I learned most via trial and error and through friends. I’m always happy to find new methods and I try out a lot to find tools that work for me.

I have a student that I tutor in English but he’s really not anywhere near beeing a Native Speaker of the „Internet language“. He doesn’t own a smartphone and he can barely use a computer. Sue Bennett from the University of Wollongong has been talking about this issue. As in all matters of Education theire are children with less access and littler chances to Knowledge. Even more important for schools to guide them through these matters. Even the students having a lot of access to technology do not seem as if they are Digital Natives. They know how to use the internet for their entertainment but often lack any deeper knowledge or competences…

I like to use all the possiblities that technology offer me. I’ll show viedos, I’ll take students an a walk in Google-Streetview. Why not use all the help we can get to integrate authentic language input into class, to create an interesting and varied learning environment.



To some extend I would consider myself to be a Digital Native. Mostly because of the (natural) fact that I grew up in a different way than the children today. The amount of different technologies came up a lot later but especially my dad was very interested in these new technologies, so it happened that we had a lot of stuff available at home. At that time my brother’s interest in media happened to grow a lot,  as he chose to be a graphic designer. And as his little sister I always admired him and his passion for digital art.

I grew up with constant  contact – but in a healthy and moderate way – with new technologies.  Also today I notice that I can handle new media technologies very well and they are all pretty involved in my daily life, that’s why I’m always interested to get to know new technical devices.

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