What makes a Good Teacher and Learner?

What makes a good teacher and a good learner? – this is likely the most common question to be asked and discussed. How does your way of teaching affects the students‘ learning process, is there a ideal blueprint how to be the perfect teacher? And with regard to the learners, does something like a perfect student exist? Or a good or a bad student as such?

There is an enormous amount of opinions concerning this topic. As follows you can see an example for those key qualities you ’should‘ have as a good teacher and a good student.

Qualities of a good learner.
Qualities of a good teacher.








…In my opinion, you can spend all day researching, looking for the blueprint of how to become the perfect teacher, but at the end of the day you yourself have to decide upon your teaching philosophy, your experiences and your personality what kind of teacher you want to be.


Teaching — It’s about Inspiration, Not Information

To get inspired take a look at the following article from Tina Seelig. After years of experience as a teacher she shares her opinion, on what teaching children and teens really matters, how you motivate students and what is really important for your teacher-student relationship.



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